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Downtown Paris Partnership is a non-profit organization made up of people with a passion for Paris. We are committed to enhancing and stabilizing the economic vitality of the historic downtown and surrounding areas by following the Main Street Four Point Approach. A comprehensive strategy that is a proven method for downtown revitalization. Combining design, promotion, organization, and economic restructuring to bring vitality to our community.



There are currently over 1200 cities across the United States designated a Main Street Communities. The cities that follow this approach see positive results from strengthening their existing businesses, bringing in new business, having enhanced streets capes, improved infrastructure and building restorations. By bringing special events that celebrate local history and heritage we can bring positive attitudes and renewed confidence to our community. It is an in-depth self-help process that builds on the total image of Paris. Promoting civic pride and a sense of community by creating opportunities for citizens to participate in the life of Paris.

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To learn more about Missouri Main Street Connection 
and what they have done for other communities checkout their website below. Attached is the Affiliate Grant information.

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